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About Us

About Us: SellMyFurCoat.com

We are part of the Wolverine Fur Company’s family of websites.

Since 1989, internationally renowned Wolverine Fur Company has met the fashion and fur care needs of discerning women and men worldwide.

Distinctive apparel and complete support services have been our trademark since we opened our doors to the public.


Certified by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for International Trade

Wolverine Furs is Certified by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to ship and handle furs internationally.

Did you know that to legally ship and handle fur garments outside the U.S. a merchant needs to be certified with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service? For international buyers this means your garments will arrive legally and not run the risk of being confiscated.


Sell, Consign or Trade Your Fur

When you’re ready to sell your unwanted furs call us toll free at 877.387.4111 to speak with one of our expert appraisers about selling your fur coat or other specialty outerwear.

Online Service Request

We serve customers nationwide and many enjoy the ease of requesting our fur services pickup online. Working with UPS we send you a shipping box and label, you put your furs in the box and give back to the driver or drop off at your local UPS center. 

Your garments are insured by us from the time they leave your hands until they are returned to you. 

There is a $25 service initiation fee when making your request. That amount is applied towards your final bill.

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