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We pay cash for furs

Whether you have outgrown your fur, inherited one you don’t need, or fur just no longer fits your lifestyle, we can help.

Sell or Consign Fur?

We do not guarantee to buy all furs. We must see them first to assess their overall condition and current market value. Once we have seen your fur and determined its value we will make you an offer.

Depending on the condition of your fur we can buy your fur coat, consign your fur coat – which means you’ll get paid after your fur has sold. Or, we can do a trade.

If you are not prepared to accept that offer, you can opt to let us sell your fur for you on consignment. When it sells we pay you the pre-agreed price. You will be paid, with a check, as soon as your item sells.

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Questions? Call us toll free at 877-387-4111.